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Most porn is made for men, which means it usually depicts what men want to see.

Not surprisingly, this means that photos of cunnilingus are some of the rarest photos in porn. Which is, of course, a great disappointment to women, since cunnilingus, or pussy licking, is what a vast number of us want to see.

That's why I made Pure Cunnilingus. This is an adult site which features thousands of photos of just men going down on women. Pure tongue-on-clit pleasure.

Pure Cunnilingus also features a growing collection of hardcore pussy licking movies, and erotic stories, all written about muff diving men. These stories are written from a woman's point of view, and the focus is on female pleasure.

The site also has a vast array of information about oral sex for women, including oral sex advice, toys, and even jokes and quotes about the subject.

Best of all, Pure Cunnilingus is part of a huge network of sites. When you get access to one, you get access to all of them. So you can also enjoy sites like Hardcore for Her and Erect Men.

You can even get a trial membership to check it all out. It's terrific value, and well worth a look!

Welcome to Lick Me Upside Down!

This site contains specially chosen photos of women being orally pleasured while held upside down.

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